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What is Pharmacogenomics?


 Pharmacogenomics or PGX uses information about a person's genetic makeup to choose medications and doses that are likely to work best for that particular person.  Until recently, drugs have been developed with the idea that each drug works generally the same in everyone.  However, genomic research has changed the one-size fits all approach. 

How is Pharmacogenomics Done?


 If you choose to be tested, you'll be asked to give a buccal or cheek swab which is sent to the lab where your genes are examined to determine your body's response to an array of medications.

We also provide Cancer Genomic Testing


Cancer Genomics or CGX testing can help determine if one is at an increased risk of developing hereditary cancer based on their genes. In addition, our CGX test helps guide physicians to pursue preventative measures, which may lead to early detection and treatment of the condition. 

More Info on PGX

Watch an in-depth explanation of the benefits and the way Pharmacogenomics works.  

More Info on CGX

Watch a visual explanation of how Cancer Genomics works. 

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